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Category: Uncategorised Published: Tuesday, 15 November 2016 Written by Super User

Civil Society Organization(CSO)

Proclamation 621/2009 defines the word “society” as “an association of persons organized on non-profit making and voluntary basis for the promotion of the rights and interests of its members and to undertake other similar lawful purposes as well as to coordinate with institutions of similar objectives”. Accordingly, two or more persons can form an association for non-profit making purposes and on a voluntary basis. Here it is important to look into the word “person” as stated in the definition of the word “society”. Article 2(8) of the CS Proclamation defines the word “person” as “any physical or juridical person”. Therefore, the law clearly guarantees the rights of juridical persons such as CSOs to come together and form an association. In other words, association of associations is permitted by the Proclamation.  

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