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progress and achivements

Category: Uncategorised Published: Tuesday, 15 November 2016 Written by Super User

Progress & Achievements

Up until now, the EEITI has undertaken immense activities and gained tangible experiences and solid working ground for a rigorous implementations. Some of the key achievements summarized as follows:

(i)                Established the Ethiopian National Steering Committee (ENSC) drawn from civil society companies and the government entities;  and adoption of an internal governance where the ENSC meets on a quarterly basis

(ii)             Established the EEITI implementation Secretariat

(iii)           Improved capacity at the Ministry of Mines, particularly for the staff of the implementation secretariat and ENSC members through knowledge sharing; training the EEITI multi-stakeholders and local and foreign CSOs; organizing workshops for extractive companies and relevant government entities  on issues related to mining taxation, transparency and basics of EITI

(iv)     Engaging the ENSC to deliberate on issues such as EEITI progress and achievements, setting criteria for selection of companies for the EEITI membership and approval of the terms of reference of the ENSC;

(v)             Induced strong willingness of the CSO, companies and government to work together to ensure the EITI implementation; and ensuring the participation of companies which are currently paying royalty for the government and government mining enterprises in EITI implementation

(vi)    Strengthening cooperation with the World Bank, UNDP and USAID to secure financial support for the EEITI

(vii) Up scaling awareness creation of the EITI implementation through various means at national level

(viii)  Collection and reporting of the revenues from licensing and administration of ERCA

(ix)    EEITI is determined to further expand its scope if activities relegated to removing barriers to eh EITI implementation (such as reforming the mining law) and expansion of EITI implementation to sub-national level.

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