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Vision , Mission, and Objectives

Category: Uncategorised Published: Thursday, 17 November 2016 Written by Super User

Vision , Mission &General Objective:


To see that the natural resource wealth of Ethiopia becomes an engine for sustainable development and poverty alleviation through the institutionalization of transparent, accountable and effective management of resources generation and utilization.


 EEITI is to provide strategic, transparent and applicable framework where Government, Private Sector and Civil Society groups work together capably to ensure that, the natural resources and related revenues generated are used judiciously to the benefit of the Ethiopian people, so that the negative consequences of Extractive Industries are avoided; and then these aims are achieved through the application of the EITI principles, improving public awareness to encourage public monitoring and participation.


General Objective:

 The general objective of the Ethiopian EITI is to optimize the benefits of the extractive industries in order to transform the human development path of Ethiopia. Specifically, it proposes interventions that seek to mutually encourage greater citizen involvement while at the same time improving the capacity of federal and regional institutions for accountable and responsive governance. In doing so, the financial and technical support we look for will also enhance the capacity of the EEITI Secretariat & tripartite groups to work towards fulfilling Ethiopia’s commitments under EITI candidacy status and ensure the country becomes compliant with the EITI standard by 2017. 



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